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"Fantastic - I sent the flirt test to all my friends and we had a real giggle comparing the results. Spot on." - PW, Massena, NY

"I wanted to say thank you, I got lots of ideas to help get my relationship back on track, I can't thank you enough." - MB, Little Rock, AR

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The tests: Flirting tips, Date a rich man, Speed dating advice, Cheating partner, Married but looking, Should we split up, Am I a slut, How pure is my soul and what is it worth test, How sexy are you, What do your dreams mean, Are you millionaire material?

Flirting tips

Do you need flirting tips? Want to know how much of a flirt you are? Answer these 8 questions and we'll give you a flirt-score and some tips on how best to flirt.

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Date a rich man

If you're already dating a rich man or are on the lookout for a succesful, self-made millionaire this is the test for you. Hints and tips and a gold-digger rating.

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Speed dating advice

Ever wondered whether speed dating is for you? Curious to find out more, and how to make the most of a speed dating event? Take this quick test to find out if you're suited to speed dating and get hints and tips from our experts.

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Cheating partner

Do you think your partner may be cheating? Have you ever had your suspicions? Not sure what to do next? Looking for advice? Take this test.

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Married but looking

Are you married but looking for love elsewhere? Do you have a mistress or are you interested in finding one who will suit your lifestyle? Just answer these 8 simple questions for a personalised report.

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Should we split up

Are you considering breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend? This test will give you some ideas on whether or not you should break up or just give it a rest.

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Am I a slut

Wonder whether you're a slut? Exactly how slutty are you? Do all your mates call you a slag behind your back? Take this fun test and find out!

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How pure is my soul and what is it worth test

How pure is your soul? Ever wondered how pure your soul is? The more pure your soul, the more your soul is worth! This quiz will tell you how pure your soul is we value it based on the answers to these questions.

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How sexy are you

Do you think you may be a sex god? A bit of a Romeo? Then test your powers of seduction with this interactive quiz. Whether you're a flop between the sheets or a porn start type stud, the answer will be with you shortly.

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What do your dreams mean

Ever wondered what your dreams mean? What sort of dreamer are you. This fun little test will provide you with an analysis of your dreams.

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Are you millionaire material?

Do you want to see if you have the potential to be a millionaire? Could you make it as an entrepreneur? Most people would love to be a millionaire but do you have what it takes? This test will tell you how much of a budding millionaire you are, or how much you still have to do.

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